Casino Royale Clips

So what’s the fuss about Daniel Craig and the Casino Royale movie he starred in? You’ll be surprised to hear what some movie critics have to say. Most of us were quite happy with the movie and we believe that if the aim of the movie was to give James Bond a dramatic new life, then Casino Royale should be called a Success. Daniel Craig, this century’s new James Bond casino hero has not only been given the license to kill but he’s eager to get a move on his new job as well. Yeah! Quite an amazing performance by the British actor.

For those of you who are still not updated or caught a sneak-peak on this Bond and his new moves then this page might help you!

After a great debate—from fans and producers –over Daniel Craig’s role of James Bond, he does more than just prove himself in this fiery overhauling of the franchise. Under the direction and supervision of Martin Campbell and Paul Haggis, this series to the Bond canon survives to hold up the true spirit of the stories–the evil villains, the magnificent sets, the gorgeous women, the quick-paced action and adventure–while renewing the formula with refinement and humanity.

Hustling in the post Cold War period for a new landscape, the story unfolds in places that cover the globe, including the Bahamas, Venice, and the Czech Republic. The film begins in Madagascar, where Bond follows a guerrilla bomb-maker in one of the most spectacular chase scenes ever—that’s all on foot.

Messing up with that assignment, Bond is sent to Montenegro to square off against the villain and terrorist baddie Le Chiffre played by Mads Mikkelson. Le Chiffre is an international loan con artist who gambles with the money of his equally deceitful patrons. The exotic British Treasury representative, Vesper Lynd played by Eva Green provides Bond funds, walking around with him in Montenegro, while M played by the famous Dame Judi Dench keeps an eye on the action from her headquarters. The spendthrift poker game forms the center of the action, with an intense gambling appearance at the table.

Disrupting the game include assassination attempts, poisoning, and lots other dramatic events that makes the movie intense and nerve-wracking. The enticement that unwraps between Bond and Vesper is only in keeping with the secret agent’s M.O. as a ladies’ man.

What changes here, however, is what makes this Bond different from the rest: the romance is genuine, and it exposes sincerity in Bond that he has never shown before. This, however, only makes him the stronger, as Craig’s Bond is darker, more threatening and mysterious, than his past incarnations ever were.